Church Weddings

Weddings in Spain

There are many options for legally recognised weddings in Spain from traditional church weddings to civil weddings.

Catholic Wedding in a Spanish church

Provided that one of you is a confirmed Catholic, you can apply for a dispensation from your local Parish Priest for you to be able to marry legally in a Catholic church in Spain. You will have to complete the paperwork requirements and you should allow 4 – 6 months for all permission to be granted in Spain.

Blessing in a Spanish Church

There are some Catholic churches that will allow an Anglican Vicar to conduct a full Blessing service in church, if this is something you would prefer as an alternative to a Blessing or Humanist service, then we are able to organise this for you.

Blessing at your venue of choice

A Wedding Blessing can be conducted by a Priest, a Vicar, a Humanist Minister or Celebrant. The Blessing service is almost identical in format to the traditional wedding service, but with a few little Spanish custom’s and personalised vows.

Spanish civil wedding

If one of you is a Spanish resident for 2 years or longer, it is possible to organise a civil marriage in Spain. However, there is a lengthy and costly paperwork trail to follow, including notarised translations of all documents to be submitted.

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