The most Romantic Story of 2018

More than 30 years ago, at their Birmingham high school, Karma and Trana fell in love, but these two young teenager’s were from different religion’s and they were separated by their respective parents, Karma was moved to another school … life continued, they grew older, met and married other people, had children . But both their marriages were to fail in the end. Neither forgot the other and by some chance of fate they found each other again ! They were determined that they were not going to lose each other again. 
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All from Down Under ! Australia to Spain !

2018 saw us planning no less than 3 wedding’s for couple’s who live in Australia. This is not the first time we have undertaken remote  wedding planning, but it was the first time we had find venue’s for each couple without them ever coming over to view a selection and make their own choice, so the responsibility was huge for us, as our recommendations were the only thing our couple’s had to rely on! Continue reading

Asian Wedding in Marbella Spain

An Asian Affair

Rupa contacted us just 4 months before her proposed wedding day, so the clock was really ticking as not only was time of the essence, but we also had to find her a venue that she felt confident enough to book without being able to come and see it!! As this was a “ mixed Asian “marriage we were looking at a Henna party, a Sikh ceremony and a Blessing ceremony to be organised over 2 days + some pretty strict vegetarian /vegan menu requirements.
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Beach Romance Wedding in Marbella

A Beach Romance

Beautiful Flora and I spoke a lot on Skype during the first 6 months of 2016, we were planning her wedding remotely, as she and her fiancé Jay live in Canada and most of their family were coming all the way from China to help them celebrate their marriage. The brief was a romantic beach that was private and an intimate, private venue for their celebration’s, where they could all stay for a few days to enjoy the family reunion as well as the wedding.
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2 Weddings in 2 Countires

2 weddings 2 countries in 2 Days

Laura and Adam chose to have their civil marriage in Gibraltar followed by a Blessing ceremony and reception in Spain – Gibraltar has a history of famous civil marriages , Yoko Ono and John Lennon & Sir Sean Connery to name a couple, so they were in good company.
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Wedding in Marbella Old Town Spain

Wedding In Marbella Old Town

James wanted his bride to have the perfect, unforgettable wedding. Mairead wrote me their story, so here it is!

“We met in a disco called Silence in Dundalk almost 9 years ago and you could say that was it for us! The proposal happened in the beautiful Marbella the 1st day we actually met Wendy from Marbella Marriages. Obviously I knew we were getting engaged as I had picked my ring in June, but was not expecting it at all that Saturday night.
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Rustic and Chic Weddings Marbella Spain

Tracy & Danny Church Wedding

We got married in Spain in June 2006 with the help of Marbella Marriages. Our service was in the Church in Los Bolliches (near Fuengirola) and our reception was in Val Paraiso restaurant in Mijas.
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Katie and Ryan Wedding

Katie & Ryan’s Wedding in Spain

After deciding to get married in Spain I searched the internet for wedding planners in the Costa del Sol area. Luckily for us we found Marbella Marriages, who from the first contact could not have been more helpful, informative and organised.
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Sean and Catherine's wedding

Sean & Catherine Marry Abroad!

After finally having decided to get married abroad and finally deciding on which country the next big task was finding a ‘wedding planner’ to help with all the organising.

I contacted numerous companies/planners to suss out what they offered and prices etc but mostly to get a feel for what they were like personally and what specialised service they could offer to us as opposed to the other planners out there.
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