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10 TOP Tips For Choosing a Wedding Venue In Spain

Choosing a wedding venue in Spain ranks as one of the most important decisions at a wedding. It is after all the space where you’ll say your vows, seal your love and enjoy one of the biggest days of your life along with your nearest and dearest. It therefore makes sense to take time to choose the right place.

Deciding where to get married is no mean feat. You need to have a clear idea of what you both want, know your budget, fix a guest list and then find the perfect venue. To help you choose the one for you we’ve put together a handy list of tips designed to point you in the right direction.

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1. Fix your guest list

Your first step when choosing a wedding venue in Spain should be to define your guest list. Sit down and write out who you’re inviting. Next, consult both sets of parents to see if they have any extras. Then, double-check the list and tot up the numbers.

Your venue needs to cater for all your guests. Bear in mind that it’s usually better to start with a higher number of expected guests than lower because not all venues can cater for more, but all can cater for less.

That said, choose a space to fit the numbers. Too big and you and your guests will feel awkward and stick to the corners. Too small and you’ll all be uncomfortably squashed.
Say yes to – a venue that gives a realistic idea of how many guests fit in comfortably, not the legally permitted number of people.

2. Set your budget

Not quite in stone but as near as because once you know how much you can spend on your wedding choosing a venue becomes much easier. Armed with your budget you know almost instantly which venues are worth contacting for a quote and which are out of your price range.

Say yes to – shopping around and asking about possible discounts if you book out of season or mid-week.

3. Location, location, location

Now you know rough numbers it’s time to turn to one of the most important aspects: location. And just as it does for property buying, the old adage applies to choosing a wedding venue in Spain – it’s all about location.

Are you dreaming of a large wedding or intimate occasion? Do you see yourself outdoors or in? Countryside or coast? Hotel or rental villa? Narrow down your preferences and then start looking for a location that ticks your boxes.

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4. Getting there

Closely related to location is accessibility. Think about how easy it is for your guests to a) reach the wedding venue itself and b) park there when they arrive. No one wants to travel for longer than necessary to get to a wedding or to have to waste time looking for parking once they’re there.

And don’t forget accommodation for your guests. They’ll all need somewhere to stay so choosing a wedding venue in Spain with onsite accommodation could be a practical option.

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5. Stay in style

Before you start visiting wedding venues, spend some time thinking about your style. Picture your dream wedding and jot down the main elements. When you get in touch with a venue, find out if your wedding style is possible there.

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6. Check the flow

Weddings tend to be made up of different elements such as the ceremony, pre-meal drinks, the meal, dancing and entertainment. Decide how many your wedding will have and discuss them with the venue. Look at different areas to see if they’re suitable for each element and work out with the venue how you and your guests will flow from one to another.

Say yes to – a venue with at least two spaces so that you and your guests don’t have to wait outside or in a corridor while the décor and furniture are changed.

7. Availability

Another vital step when choosing a wedding venue in Spain is checking if your chosen spot is actually available. Popular spots get booked up fast so if you’re planning a weekend wedding or during the popular summer season, plan well ahead to ensure you get your preferred date. Bear in mind that if you’re flexible you could get a better rate.

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8. All-inclusive or just the venue

You also need to decide how much input you want from the wedding venue. Are you just looking to hire the space or would you like the venue to provide all the bells and whistles? Going for an all-inclusive venue makes it easier to organise but does push the budget up.

Then check if the venue is all for you. If you go for a large wedding venue in Spain and know that you won’t be occupying the full space, find out what else could be going on at the same time. You might prefer a venue exclusively for you so that your wedding gets the venue’s undivided attention. On the other hand, a venue holding more than one event could be a cheaper option. But check out noise issues before you commit. Do you really want to hear the other event’s music/speeches at your wedding?

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9. Referrals

When you’re choosing a venue, do your research. Word of mouth is often the best possible way to find out exactly what something is like so ask other couples about their experience. Listen carefully to what they have to say but bear in mind that one person’s pros may be another’s cons and vice versa.

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10. Get some professional help

And last but definitely not least, get some help on venues from a professional wedding planner. This option not only gives you access to the very best advice and knowledge – no one knows a venue better! – but takes the stress out of the event so that you can concentrate on saying yes to the best on the big day.

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