The most Romantic Story of 2018

More than 30 years ago, at their Birmingham high school, Karma and Trana fell in love, but these two young teenager’s were from different religion’s and they were separated by their respective parents, Karma was moved to another school … life continued, they grew older, met and married other people, had children . But both their marriages were to fail in the end. Neither forgot the other and by some chance of fate they found each other again ! They were determined that they were not going to lose each other again. 

Time changes many things, and I am so pleased to say that on that glorious day in July 2018 on the beach in Marbella, in front of their parents, and children, Karma and Trana were finally able to say they were man and wife!  It was a wonderful, joyous and emotional day, One that the Marbella Marriages team will always remember with great affection!