As the recent royal wedding showed, there’s still lots of call for the traditional wedding. But even at Harry and Meghan’s big day there were plenty of modern touches and like them, today’s millennials want to ring in the changes when they say ‘I do’. From the ceremony to the finale, modern weddings in Spain definitely come with a nod to the new. Read on for our roundup of the latest trends for the big day.

A new look for the outfits

While most brides opt for the traditional white dress and grooms for the black morning suit, the star players may surprise you with their outfits. For her, new trends include a jumpsuit rather than a dress. Not only are they more comfortable (especially for dancing later on), jumpsuits come with a much cheaper price tag and are easier to repurpose after the big event.

For him, modern grooms at weddings in Spain are moving away from traditional black and grey into colours. Today’s wedding suits favour purple or burgundy with textures such as plaid or tweed taking centre stage.

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Bridesmaids no longer need to match either. You’re just as likely to see a line-up of the same dresses as you are bridesmaids all in different outfits.

A new look for the invites

Paper might be a traditional favourite for invitations but new weddings in Spain are taking things to another level. Materials such as wood, linen and metal are making an appearance on the invites. This new look might come in a small detail or larger feature, but whatever its size it definitely adds an unusual touch to a traditional wedding invite.

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Marbella Marriages can help you source just the invite you’re looking for – true tradition or cutting-edge modern.

A new look for the concept

Smaller gatherings are increasingly popular as couples decide to make their wedding more like an intimate dinner party. Just one or two tables isn’t unusual and couples hosting a small event also like to personalise their menu.

And at the other end of the spectrum, big, big weddings are also in vogue. These huge occasions include side events too such as pre-wedding supper parties and post-wedding brunches. Weddings in Spain often turn into several day occasions.

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One of the best things about holding a wedding in Marbella is that the resort offers venues catering for all sizes of wedding. Whether you’re going for small and boutique or large and all-embracing, we can source a venue in Marbella that suits you. Link to 6 ideas for wedding venues in Marbella.

A new look for the entertainment

Latest trends in events put the emphasis on the experience and this also applies to weddings. Although you’ll still see DJs and live music performances, expect some surprises at the big day too. Think roaming sketch artists, fire eaters, magicians and even astrologists mingling among guests on the big day.

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As one of southern Spain’s prime tourist destinations, Marbella has plenty to offer when it comes to event experiences. Whatever you’re looking for – live music, belly dancers, circus acts… it can be arranged.

A new look for the food

Along with traditional sit-down meals, weddings in Spain can also incorporate something a little bit different. How about food trunks located in different areas at your venue? Or interactive food stations? These give guests a chance to move around at your wedding and try something new (or give something they don’t like a miss!).

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Marbella Marriages use the very best caterers for your wedding in Spain. Let us know your preferred cuisine style or exactly what you’d like on the menu and leave the rest up to us.

A new look for the cake

Harry and Meghan went for a non-tiered cake at their wedding, a definite new trend among cakes for the big day. Traditional fruit cake is also on its way out in favour of sponge cake – choose a different flavour for each layer, customized to your preferences. We’ve also noticed a rise in the call for vegan cakes as couples cater for guests’ dietary requirements.

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Over the years, we’ve organized a long list of gorgeous wedding cakes. Tell us your vision and we’ll make it happen.
H2 A new look for the tech

Wedding & Technology

And last but not least, we come to the techy bit. While there’ll always be a big place for photos and video at weddings in Spain, things are changing when it comes to how they’re shot. You’ll probably see your photographer using a zipwire camera or drone to get some extra special footage of your big day – be prepared for some great angles on the ceremony, speeches and dancing.

And if you’re looking to give your guests the ultimate photo experience, add a GIF-maker to the photo booth. By using fancy filters and special effects, they get to take home an animated selfie and a unique memento of your wedding (so much more interesting than a traditional favour!).

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Marbella Marriages work with the best wedding photographers on the Costa del Sol whose experience and expertise will ensure you get the best possible record of the most important day of your life.

A new look for the planner

Well, not new at all because using a wedding planner in Spain continues right on trend, but it’s definitely more important than ever before. When you’re preparing for such a key event in your life, having someone else to take over all the ins and outs (and there are lots of them) removes all the stress and strain and allows you to concentrate on getting yourself ready for the big day.

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At Marbella Marriages we’ve been preparing weddings in Spain for over 25 years and know just how to create an event to remember whether you’re going totally traditional, monumentally modern or something in between. Get in touch and find out how we can make your big day just perfect. Click here to contact us