Sean and Catherine's wedding

Sean & Catherine Marry Abroad!

After finally having decided to get married abroad and finally deciding on which country the next big task was finding a ‘wedding planner’ to help with all the organising.

I contacted numerous companies/planners to suss out what they offered and prices etc but mostly to get a feel for what they were like personally and what specialised service they could offer to us as opposed to the other planners out there.

Unfortunately we were going no where fast until I found a blog about someone else’s wedding in Spain and instantly thought ‘that’s the wedding we want’ and found contact details for Marbella Marriages.

I emailed them with a few queries and she contacted me right away and immediately after the first point of contact we knew instantly that Marbella Marriages was perfect for us!!

Within about 2 months we were in Spain with an appointment arranged to meet. They took us out the whole day viewing 3 or 4 different chapels and restaurants. We decided instantly on the first 2 places and could have easily finished up for the day but they made sure we seen all that was on offer before finally deciding. We wanted a small wedding abroad as we were having a big wedding party at home so we had approximately 50 guests in total.

We had our wedding in Immaculate Conception chapel in Mijas, the most stunning chapel I have ever seen and the views were superb over the coast for the photos! It was quite difficult to get this chapel but it was so worth all the work and stress!! The town, the people, the character, the tranquillity, everything about it was amazing and the beautiful, peaceful, sunny day made it even more perfect!! Our priest said mass in Spanish which was very different as none of us spoke Spanish, but it was all the more special and we had a classical guitarist play the music, he was fab and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Following this, our wedding photographer took the most amazing pictures around Mijas, it is such a gorgeous town and was nice to capture this in the photos and looks so different than the usual wedding photos at home. He took so many pictures and even collected us the next day to take more pictures on the beach in Marbella! He was so professional and very approachable if we had ideas ourselves on the pictures etc.

Our venue for the meal was outstanding, Valparaiso!! A dream come true!! We did visit it on 2 occasions, first to view it the year previous on our visit with Joanne and then for a meal in it ourselves a few nights later, just to get a feel for it and try the food etc. We knew instantly the first time we went through the doors that that’s where our wedding would be. The experience was so special and no where near like a regular restaurant. They treated us and our guests like royalty. The food was second to none, plenty of it along with the alcohol. The service was first class also. They provided the entertainment whilst we were eating and for the rest of the night. It was amazing. We had opera singers and a band, very different, but fantastic. The restaurant had so many little extras which made our day so special and the atmosphere was magical!

Marbella Marriages was amazing on the day, it was so good not having to worry about anything, we could just enjoy the day and they looked after everyone, from getting the guests and bridal party to the chapel, then to the restaurant and even home at the end of the night!! They stayed the whole day until every single person was home safe which we are so grateful for.

Every single person had the most fabulous time, everyone is still ranting about it and we still hear comments that it was the most amazing wedding anyone has ever been to. It definitely was our fairytale wedding; it was magical and so special, more than we ever imagined it would be and nothing will ever top it!!!

We are happy to recommend Marbella Marriages or anything from our wedding in Spain