Marbella Weddings


So-called destination weddings are increasingly popular and those in Spain even more so with a number of top resorts offering amazing locations for your big day. But among all the places you can get married in Spain, one stands out: Marbella. The jewel in the crown among Costa del Sol resorts ticks all the right boxes for both you and your guests as well as providing a unique backdrop for the whole occasion. Read on to discover what’s different about weddings in Marbella and why it’s the perfect destination choice for you.

Location, location, location

As southern Europe’s favourite holiday spot Marbella and the Costa del Sol need no introduction. Tourists flock here in their millions and thousands of foreigners have made it their permanent home. Not surprisingly it’s also a top location for weddings in Spain because as a destination Marbella has it all.

320+ days of sunshine a year

And that’s guaranteed too. Not need to worry about getting your hair and flowers wet, rain spoiling your outdoor venue or dark clouds ruining the light for photos. Weddings in Marbella come with sunshine on almost every single day of the year. The year-round pleasant temperatures mean you won’t be chilly in any kind of dress either.

Easy to get to

Top on the list of your guests’ priorities is a location that’s easy to get to. A tick for Marbella in that box too. Malaga Airport offers direct flights to a long, long list of cities in Europe and year-round making it quick and easy for all your nearest and dearest to get to your wedding on time. And once you’re all here, it’s just a short drive from the Airport to the venue and accommodation.

Full range of services

As a well-established resort, Marbella offers all the services you need for a wedding. From outfits to hair and make-up, from intimate places for just a few guests to large venues catering for hundreds, from the invitations to the finale fireworks, from the flowers to the cake… Marbella has everything you need for your wedding. Top tip Get advice from your wedding planner on the best time of year for weddings in Marbella.

A touch of luxury

Weddings in Marbella give you the chance to make the most of the resort’s high-end reputation and add a splash of luxury to the big day. Whether you choose to bring a luxury touch to the venue, the catering, the entertainment, the accommodation or the whole package, holding your wedding in Marbella is guaranteed to add that extra something to your occasion. And most importantly of all, everyone present from the happy couple down to the youngest pageboy or bridesmaid gets to feel special.

Top tip Luxury touches needn’t be expensive. Ask your wedding planner how to add a dash of sparkle and stay on budget at the same time.

Choice of unique venues

Another reason why Marbella makes a very different location for weddings in Spain is its huge choice of unique places to celebrate the occasion. With a privileged spot on the Mediterranean coast and a spectacular mountain backdrop, the resort offers plenty of unusual and stunning venues for your big day. Say yes:

On the beach

Choose your spot on the sands with the sea breeze in your hair to make your vows. And then celebrate your love at one of the fabulous beach clubs in Marbella – just pick the one that reflects your vibe.

In tropical gardens

Marbella has the perfect climate for lush, tropical gardens that show off their blooms all year-round. Say I do among verdant palms and vibrant bougainvillea with the scent of jasmine and orange blossom in the air.

In the country

Any number of stunning country properties are within easy reach of Marbella. Promise to love and cherish in the heart of picturesque surroundings with bubbling fountains, birdsong and the scent of country herbs in the background.

In a palace

For an extra special wedding in Marbella, choose the ultimate romantic venue to seal your love. The resort has several palatial properties fit for a king and queen, and available for your big day.

In total luxury

Marbella is famous for venues where luxury comes with a capital L, where five stars make everything special and that grand luxe label takes the whole occasion to the ultimate level. Treat yourself to a touch of extravagance and say I do in the lap of luxury.


If you’re planning a small wedding in Marbella in intimate surroundings, you’ll love the resort’s choice of boutique venues. Whether it’s a stunning villa or a boutique hotel, they’re all perfect for the two of you and just a few others.

At sea

Make the most of Mediterranean and say I do on board a private yacht with the stunning mountains of Marbella behind you.

Top tip Explain your dream wedding to your wedding planner and let her suggest the venues that will turn this vision into reality.

Privileged backdrops for weddings in Marbella

To help you remember the most important day of your life you’ll need top quality photos and video footage. Here too Marbella ticks all those boxes. Not only is the resort home to a number of top professional photographers it also offers the perfect backdrop to those memories of a lifetime. And remember, Marbella’s great climate means there’s no need to worry about clouds or rains spoiling your pictures.

Take your photo shot:

  • On the beach (and in the sea for a real holiday feel). Make it at sundown for the ultimate romantic touch.
  • In a garden. Walk down an avenue of palms for a truly tropical take.
  • In quintessential Andalucia in Marbella Old Town. Choose a typical patio for extra Spanish feel.
    Top tip Ask your wedding planner about the best places for photos to fit in with your vision of the day.

The right planning

Weddings in Marbella might be different, but there’s one factor they share with every other destination anywhere in the world: they need a good wedding planner. No location or occasion works unless there’s an expert planner behind it and Marbella is no exception.

Make the day you say yes in Marbella one to remember for all the right reasons by using planners who know exactly what to do and how and when to do it. At Marbella Marriages we’ve have all the know-how and experience to ensure your day is just perfect. Find out how we can make your dream wedding come true here.