Why do I need a wedding Planner ?

One of the 1st question’s a bride planning a destination wedding will ask  herself is “do I need a wedding planner ?   or even can I afford a wedding planner ?

“Can you afford NOT to have a wedding planner?”

Here are some key points that any bride considering a wedding overseas’ should carefully consider.

  • Who knows how to use your budget most efficiently, and who knows what a “reasonable cost” is for each vendor’s services?
  • Who knows how to select trustworthy vendors depending on their reputation and not just their website?
  • Who can get automatic discounts through their network of wedding professionals on venues, catering, photography, cakes, etc?
  • Who has the experience to arrange, coordinate (and manage) ALL of the vendors on your wedding day
  • Who understands the best manner to execute a lavish reception (taking into account design, seating, traffic, etc)?
  • Who knows the scoop on the latest hot trends?
  • Who makes sure that the bride is being pampered with hair/makeup at her hotel while sipping mimosas?
  • Who keeps track of all the RSVPs? (not to mention the tedious stuffing, stamping, sealing, mailing)?
  • (Last but not least) Who has a “little black book” chock full of alternative and understanding vendors in case the unthinkable happens on your wedding day?

Marbella Marriages  allows you to concentrate on the fun aspects of the engagement and day, rather than getting bogged down with  price comparing and colour matching or trying to decide how good a supplier really is from a clever website ! We help you from beginning to end, promising you that every detail will be handled.

We offer customized budgets. Instead of cutting your budget and removing items that you’ve dreamed of having, we know how to justify your budget and move euros around to achieve your dream.

We handle even the most minute details of the planning process, and then combine this intricate plan with the overall design and décor that will be perfect for your wedding. Many girls have ideas of elements they like; however, they get completely stressed when trying to incorporate everything & don’t know how to tie it all together. Funky colour schemes can be a world of fun, but they must be tastefully tied together. We’ve seen every colour scheme imaginable, and when it’s complemented in the proper manner it makes an unforgettable “wow factor” for your guests.

Great weddings don’t just “happen”, but   together we can make your guest’s think so !